• Is the shelf removeable?

Yes, it can remove for space arrangement.

  • I lost my keys, is there any way to get a replacement?

It can open with master code.

  • What should I do if I forgot my password?

Two keys for emergency, in case you forget the password or the battery is dead so that you could still get your property.

  • How to reset the code?

Open safe. On the back of the code pad there is a red button to reset code. Press it and then input the new passcode(1 to 8 digits). Each pressing results one buzzer beep and yellow light flashes. Then press "#" button and a green signal should flash notifying you of success. If a red ! signals, or you don't see a green confirmation flash, it did not work.

  • I type in my code and it shows a red lock sign. What does this mean?

You are typing in the wrong code. Read the instructions and reset the code.

  • Can I remove middle shelf?

Yes, it has a shelf so you can put small thing on the shelf and on the bottom of the safe or you can take the shelf out if you need to put larger things.

  • Does the make/model come with biometric (fingerprint) access?

This one doesn't. It's a key pad or key access safe.

  • I lost the keys and I forgot the password. What can I do?

If you lose your key, please contact our customer service email support@ttlifesafe.com and provide us with the serial number on the lock cylinder, and we will arrange for the factory to make a new key for you.

  • Does this safe "bolt" to the wall such that it cannot be unmounted easily?

Yes. It has holes inside you put bolts through, back or bottom, that you can only access with the safe open.

  • Is there a low battery warning?

Yes there is a low battery light. But you also have a key. So there is no way you can lock yourself out of your own safe.