About us

Are you still worrying about these trivial matters?

Important documents and property at home, don’t know where to put them safely when going out?

Important documents are exposed to moist air for a long time, causing mold and yellowing?

In the company, if the key is lost or forgotten, the safe cannot be opened?

The two points and one line of life make family and company your focus.

With the development of the times, more and more smart products appear in front of people to provide more protection for our lives. In the era of smart home, many electrical appliances have broken the tradition and become fully intelligent, and TTLifeSafe participated this time. With the newly launched 3 safes, I also want to tell you that not only home appliances are smart, but the safes used in our homes, banks and other occasions are also fully smart. We break the tradition and will have moisture-proof functions. The photocatalyst is installed in the safe, which is not only anti-theft, but also moisture-proof

Combining the two into one, whether it is your property, documents, or something with special meaning, we firmly believe that the TTLifeSafe intelligent moisture-proof cabinet safe is the most solid harbor for your property.